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When you decide to put your health into my hands, it immediately becomes my number one priority. I’ve been serving the community as ENT specialist in & nearby Johor Bahru (JB) & Pasir Gudang  since year 2015. I value the relationships I form with each patient, and the believe that goes a long way in improving their health care outcomes. Make an appointment to find out how I can help you today.

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Perkhidmatan Rawatan



Nose & Sinus Services 


Your sinus care provider.


We can help you BREATH easy again.

  1. Deviated nose/ septum (鼻子/鼻中隔偏曲) / Tulang hidung bengkok

  2. Nose cancer screening & treatment (鼻癌检查和治疗)

  3. Enlarged turbinates (鼻甲发炎及肥肿治疗)

  4. Nose allergy / allergic rhinitis (鼻子过敏 / 过敏性鼻炎)

  5. Blocked nose (鼻子堵塞) 

  6. Epistaxis / nose bleeding(鼻出血)

  7. Nose polyps (鼻息肉肿涨)

  8. Sinusitis treatment (鼻窦炎治疗与手术)

  9. Adenoid problems (腺样体肿涨)

  10. Smell disorders (嗅觉异常)

  11. Prolonged headache (长期头痛)

  12. Tumors in the nose & sinuses (鼻窦肿瘤)

Paediatric ENT Services


Services for children.

  1. Allergy nose (allergic rhinitis) 小儿过敏性鼻子

  2. Nose bleed in children 小儿鼻流血

  3. Adenoid and tonsil problems 腺样体和扁桃体问题

  4. Snoring problems in children 儿童打鼾问题

  5. Newborn & children hearing screening and assessment 新生儿和儿童听力筛查和评估

  6. Foreign bodies in the ear, nose and throat 耳鼻喉中的异物

  7. Fluid in the middle ear- ventilation tube (Grommet) insertion 中耳炎和积液,索环管插入手术

  8. Outer & middle ear infection 外耳和中耳感染

  9. Mastoid bone disease treatment 乳突骨炎治疗与手术

  10. Preauricular pit (sinus) problem 先天性耳前瘘管手术

  11. Impacted ear wax clearance  (under microscope or endoscope)   耳蜡清除

  12. Evaluation of persistent cough in children 儿童持续性咳嗽

  13. Hoarseness evaluation 声音嘶哑评估

  14. Noisy breathing in newborn & children 新生儿和儿童呼吸嘈杂

Pediatrician Examining Infant

ENT Emergency 耳鼻喉科急诊

Taking Care of You

  1. Sudden hearing loss 急性听力丧失

  2. Sudden vertigo / dizziness 急性眩晕/头晕

  3. Bleeding from ear, nose or throat 耳朵,鼻子或喉咙流血

  4. Facial asymmetry / numbness / pain 面部神经麻痹/麻木/疼痛

  5. Painful neck swelling (abscess) 颈部肿胀/ 脓肿

  6. Sudden onset noisy breathing (stridor) in children & adult            小孩先天性喉喘鸣, 成人突发喘鸣

  7. Foreign body ear, nose or throat; e.g fish bones, insects, etc. (Serangga masuk telinga) 耳,鼻或喉异物; 例如鱼骨,昆虫等

  8. Nose bone fracture 鼻骨骨折

  9. Severe ear infections 耳部严重细菌感染

  10. Abscess in the tonsil (Quinsy) 扁桃体脓肿

Ear Services & Treatment 


The Care You Deserve

  1. Hearing assessment in children & adults 儿童和成人的听力评估

  2. Dizziness / vertigo and balance disorder 头晕/眩晕和平衡障碍

  3. Facial nerve disorder 面神经障碍

  4. Ear discharge / infections 耳朵出脓/ 感染

  5. Removal of impacted ear wax 耳蜡与耳垢去除

  6. Preauricular pit / sinus surgery 耳前瘘管手术

  7. Fungal infections in the ear 耳部真菌/ 霉菌感染

  8. Management of Cholesteatoma 耳道胆脂瘤/ 表皮样囊肿手术

  9. Ear injuries 耳伤

  10. Fluid in the middle ear (middle ear effusion) management            中耳液(中耳积液)治疗

  11. Tinnitus 耳鸣

  12. Foreign body in the ear, e.g Insects. (耳道異物)

Ear Exam
Newborn Baby Sleeping

Sleep and snoring problems

Helping You Sleep Better

Snoring is a common condition that can affect anyone, more frequently in men and people who are overweight. Habitual snoring can be a sign of a serious health problem, including obstructive sleep apnea. If you are having this issue, we can assist you in the diagnosis and treatment.


Throat & Voice Problems

Your Johor ENT Doctor.

  1. Recurrent sore throat  (tonsillitis / pharyngitis) 复发性喉咙痛(扁桃体炎/咽炎)

  2. Reflux disease (laryngopharyngeal / gastroesophageal reflux disease) 喉咽/胃食管反流病/胃酸倒流

  3. Cancers of the oral cavity or throat 口腔或咽喉癌

  4. Foreign body throat / oesophagus 咽喉/食道异物

  5. Hoarseness 声音嘶哑

  6. Persistent or chronic cough 持续或慢性咳嗽

  7. Difficulty swallowing 吞咽困难 / 咽下困难


Neck Swelling

Any swelling in the neck causes concern. Do not neglect it until it's too late if it turns out to be cancerous or malignant. 


  1. Salivary gland tumors 唾液腺肿瘤

  2. Painful neck swellings, deep neck abscesses 颈部脓肿, 淋巴结炎

  3. Neck mass / or tumors (cancer or non-cancerous) 颈部肿胀 (留意不疼不痒的颈部肿块

Allergy services 


Food allergy? Dust allergy? Find out now & improve your life today..

  1. Allergy assessment  过敏评估

  2. Allergy blood test (panel of >50 allergens )  过敏原测试

  3. Management of allergic & nonallergic rhinitits  慢性过敏性鼻炎与治疗

  4. Immunotherapy  脱敏疗法 / 减敏疗法

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